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| July 15, 2016

Last week I had the opportunity to consult with a family that attended one of my workshops. They shared that their daughter just started working as a barista at a local coffee shop and was loving it! Why a barista? Because they took the survey I recommended and barista came up as the number one job (without any post-high school education or training) for her personality. It turned out to be a great fit!

I have often said that “front-end jobs” are my favorite first jobs for students. Whether that is truly at the front service counter, or bagging groceries at the end of the conveyor belt, it is a job where you are in constant contact with the customer. “Hi, welcome to Lifetime Fitness!” or “What can I get you today?” said 100 times a day helps students gain confidence in that ever-so-important first 7-second impression, gives them practice making eye contact, and helps them develop the art of small talk. These transferable communication skills can set them apart in a world that is connected through their smart phones.

That first front-end-job also makes students aware that no matter what company they work for, we are all in the business of representing our company well. Some of us are on the front lines of service, while others may make products behind the scenes that ultimately end up in the hands of a customer. Students who work on polishing their greeting and communication skills will see how sharpening their transferable skills can have a direct impact on their company’s success, and their own ability to move up the ladder!

Is your student looking for that first job? Or maybe a change? Perhaps jump start the process by having her take this free online survey. If you are looking for a more comprehensive approach to selecting a career field, then I would recommend following the steps outlined in my book: Credits Before College or attend an upcoming workshop where I outline these steps. Students often get excited about their futures after attending a workshop with you.

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