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Credits Before College
Credits Before College

Credits Before College
Earn Affordable College Credits in High School

Start early, work at your own pace, and accumulate credits before entering college. This book coaches families and students through the process of saving thousands of dollars on an accredited college degree. Included are full-page reproducible charts, step-by-step how-to’s, family activities, follow-up resources, and web links that take you right to what you need to know. Also included are activities designed to help your student find his/her career through free assessment tools and follow-up activities that take the guess work out of the process. This book will help your student determine their career and college pathway, enter college with a plan, exit with a degree in hand, and save you thousands of dollars. Table of Contents

• Costs and Completion Facts
• Credit by Exam
• Earning College Credits in High School
• How to Get Started
• Creating a High School Plan
• Defining your Career Direction
• College Degree Options
• Transcripts and Recordkeeping

“My copy is well-worn. I wish we would have known about all these options earlier for our oldest. It really helped us put a plan in place so our kids will be graduating debt-free. I am glad my wife ‘dragged’ me to the workshop!  ~ James, Parent of 4

World Religions Course Guide
World Religions Course Guide

World Religions Course Guide plus DSST prep

This 100+ page Course-for-Credit Guide is specifically designed to prepare students to earn college credit while engaging them in an age-appropriate study of today’s major world religions. This study can be completed in one-semester and is an excellent course for students in 7th grade and up. Parent involvement is encouraged with minimal preparation time required. Both authors have enjoyed teaching this course to several 7-12th grade groups, culminating with students passing the Introduction to World Religions DSST exam. Why a World Religions Course Guide? While this subject can be studied in college, it truly is a great study for all students to engage in before launching. The difficulty is the lack of interesting and age-appropriate study material. We decided to solve that. We hope you enjoy learning with your students! Sample Chapter

• One Semester (12-16 weeks) plus DSST® exam prep
• For Grades 7-12
• Written from a Biblical Worldview
• Written to the student requiring minimal parent/educator prep time
• Review questions included, specifically designed to help students prepare for the DSST Exam
• Suggested companion text is very affordable The Kingfisher Book of Religions ISBN 978-0753451991
• Links to interesting and relevant online videos to enhance learning and appeal to visual and audio learners
• Quality print and spiral bound

“The World Religions guide was a fabulous study for my daughter. It included the primary information on the major world religions and utilizes tools to accommodate different learning styles. From creating murals to field trips, reading and studying to watching helpful videos, she was inspired to learn and to remember. She passed the DSST with flying colors having been well-prepared with this curriculum.”  ~ Sue, Parent

Psychology Course Guide
Psychology Course Guide

Psychology Course Guide plus CLEP prep

This 100+ page Course-for-Credit Guide is a full-year curriculum that introduces students to the scientific study of psychology – an engaging course, often offered in both high school and as a college general education course. As a high school credit, it can be considered a social science or elective. This Course Guide is age-appropriate for high school students plus includes an optional component of guided CLEP exam prep.

Why a Psychology Course Guide? Our goal is to inspire students to want to learn about psychology and encourage them to ask: “What’s the evidence?” when encountering statements about human behavior. Students often find this information is applicable in their everyday lives and can be applied to a broad range of career fields. The difficulty educators find is the lack of age-appropriate material written from a Biblical perspective. We decided to solve that. Sample Chapter

• Full-year course for grades 9-12
• Written from a Biblical worldview
• Requires minimal parent/educator prep time
• CLEP exam prep included in every lesson
• Recommended companion text is very affordable: Understanding Psychology ISBN: 0078285712
• Assignments and activities are designed to introduce and develop essential study and college-prep skills
• Written for the homeschool student yet can be used in a co-op, classroom, or CLEP exam prep study group
• Quality print and spiral bound

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Coming Soon! Environmental Science Course Guide

For grades 7 – 12

Includes DSST Test prep in every lesson, hands on activities, learning strategies to engage different styles

What you have to say …

“Studying World Religions has been eye opening and valuable to our family. We have had conversations that I know that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. It has taken some of the mystery out of “other options”; options that our children will have more exposure to and may be curious about when they are not under our roof. What better time to study, reflect, wrestle, bring darkness to light, and let the Truth surface. This is another way that can ground our children in their beliefs and the truth of the Bible and the one and only true God.”  ~ Jane, Parent

“The Course Guide questions were really helpful in cementing the information in my memory, and the introductory paragraphs had information the textbooks didn’t include. I really enjoyed this course and would recommend it for anyone.” ~ Kaitlyn F., Student

“The curriculum is very balanced, educational and fun! It did a phenomenal job of educating me on a subject of which I knew nothing. It provided me with a basic knowledge of psychology, while emitting the information that, as a freshman in high school, I didn’t want, or need to learn. It pressed me to work hard and learn a lot in an enjoyable and efficient way. I am so glad that I studied this course.” ~Megan L., Student