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Encourage your student be positioned and prepared to launch with purpose. Take ownership of your education and graduate debt-free. Help yourself and others by introducing them to Credits Before College.

laptop1Getting Started with Credit by Exam

Credit-by-exam is one of the best kept secrets in higher education. These proficiency exams assess college-level knowledge in specific subject areas and provide a way for students to earn college credits and bypass taking the college course. At less than $100 per exam, students can realize a significant savings on college tuition.


Real-World Experiences10 Reasons to CLEP in High School

Students are finding a number of reasons to add CLEP and DSST exams to their high school studies. However, it might feel like you are the only one interested in graduating without debt! Many students are eager to have “the college experience” that so many talk about. Print off this list and ask your student to circle the three that might apply to his/her goals for his education. Then you do the same. This makes for great dinner table conversation.


writing-923882__1805 Steps to Earning College Credit with CLEP

While in high school, and even a bit of middle school, my three kiddos applied a CLEP or DSST exam to most subjects they were already studying. It became their “final exam” for the course. They loved this option of earning college credit while studying at their own pace, using the quality resources I selected for them based on their learning style or our worldview.


Quality CLEP Practice Exams

Taking two or more practice exams from a reputable source is essential to preparing for an official exam. Read through this list to find the best resources. Some are online, others printed, some have a cost while others are free (especially if you review the gateways I share). Use only trusted sources to assess if your student is adequately prepared.


Popular Exam Titles

Analyzing and Interp. Lit CLEP

College Composition CLEP

Psychology CLEP

Psychology CLEP







Environmental Science DSST

College Algebra CLEP

College Algebra CLEP







History CLEP







clep tests

Test Day ID Requirements

A little pre-planning is required prior to your student’s first exam to ensure he/she has the appropriate personal identification required on test day and walks in confident of the procedure. Students without proper identification may not be allowed to test. Always check with your testing center if you have questions.


Picture27 Steps to a Debt-Free College Degree

We discussed finances early on with each of our three kids, and made the same offer: We would pay for all college credits earned while they were in high school. Once graduated, their college bills were their responsibility. We set this expectation early so that they were able to make choices. It also was incentive to work towards a plan that they could afford.


College for LessCollege for Less

A smarter, more cost efficient way to earn a degree is to unbundle credentials, and education, from an experience. Look at each one separately instead of thinking that all three must be completed together. This gives our students the advantages of a real-world education that is affordable.




Books to Inspire

My bookshelf has some gems on it that are excellent resources – too good not to share with you! Be inspired and informed as you encourage your students to fully own their own education.



Adults Earning a Degree

No matter your age, earning a college degree is an accomplishment that can open employment doors. Many adults have family or job responsibilities that make it impossible and unappealing to sit in a classroom. You might be a great candidate to earn your degree through self-paced studies. It’s an affordable and flexible that appeals to busy or working adults.


“The difficulty lies not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones.”
~John Maynard Keynes
  1. Getting your middle and high school student ready for College and CLEP ~  Short Study Tip videos
  2. Our Journey ~ Curriculum Ideas We’ve Used
  3. Don’t know where to begin? Try Intro to Computers Computer Syllabus    Another mom’s coop ideas – Intro to Computers  pdf
  4. What Exams are Easiest?  Here is a list for CLEPS, DSST and Grouping
  5. More free e-books LearningExpress 3.0  Available through Learning Express 3.0 or your library’s online databases
  6. Input and output based on your learning style – study smarter, not harder!
  7. What’s in a Degree  A visual I shared with my 10th grader — and he caught the vision! pdf
  8. What courses will you get credit for by taking a CLEP or DSST exam?  This is individual to each college.  You can phone then, check their website, or see if they have the information here (some do a great job keeping this site updated):
  9. MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses

While most learning is from reading, that is not everyone’s best method for input.  Try searching one of these sites for your audio/visual learner:

  1. Short video clips on a great lineup of clepable subjects
  2. A favorite:
  3. Search iTunesU for video and audio podcasts on their Upon University site
  4. Annenberg Media offers Video on Demand courses in science, foreign language, literature, art, etc. that have been aired on public television (broadband required).
  5. Documentary Videos offers high quality drama and non-fiction programming for purchase. It has all aired on public television or the many cable TV documentary channels.
  6. TED offers “riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world”

Attend a Workshop: Learn how you can create a comprehensive high school plan that maximizes your students’ affordable opportunities and create a pathway of success – whether they choose to launch into college or a career.

Personal Consultation: A one-on-one appointment to help you navigate the options specific for your student. I truly enjoy partnering with you.

Get it all in a book: Credits Before College is an in-depth guide that will help you see the big picture, provides family activities and worksheet for your student to complete, links, and step-by-step guidance. It is the resource I wish I had when starting this process.

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