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Create a homeschool high school transcript easily with this downloadable Microsoft Excel template. I have developed a Transcript Generator template that is available for purchase on a try-before-you-buy basis. You will find both the “Subject” template and the “Grade” block templates included (see PDF Samples above). Simply enter your student’s courses, credits, and letter grades. The formatting is done for you. Formulas are built right into the program so cumulative credits and GPA are automatically calculated and updated with each entry. Keep it updated with a few key strokes at the end of each year and you will always be prepared to present an Official High School Transcript. No fuss or frustration!

* For individual use only. Not available for institutions or those living outside of the United States.

“What a great product, THANK YOU!! I just dropped off Julia’s PSEO App to St Kate’s. I feel good! Your transcript gave me more confidence that I am giving her the best chance to be considered!!” ~ Parent


  • Cumulative credits and GPA are automatically calculated and updated with each new entry
  • Copyright license for use with ALL students within your immediate family
  • Two popular transcript styles to choose from
  • Instruction bubbles make knowing what to enter easy
  • Simple enough for your student to upkeep
  • Standard 4.0 scale
  • Print-ready 8-1/2 x 11  Just add your signature!
  • Requirements: Microsoft Excel 1997 or newer. Compatible programs are not supported.
  • Cost:  $25. All proceeds will go to Abba Pregnancy Resource Center.

The program is offered as a “try before you buy” so you can be assured that it is compatible with your computer and software. Simply fill out the request below. I will email you both the Excel spreadsheet and an invoice for $25. Download and save the Excel template. If you like it, simply submit payment within 30 days. If it did not meet your needs, kindly delete the program from your computer.

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Creating a high school transcript is an essential part of homeschool record keeping. Think of it as your student’s academic resume: a one-page document that details credits awarded for high school-level work. Your student’s transcript is designed to showcase your student’s best (in some cases, not all) and highest levels of achievement. Create this document with your audience in mind: college admissions counselors and/or scholarship committees.

A few tips that can help you along the way:

  • Start early. It is much easier to add to an on-going record than to try to go back one and create one from memory.
  • Two common formats are grade-block and subject-block. Either one is perfectly acceptable.
    Transcript PDF Sample
  • Consider using Microsoft Excel or some other software program so it can easily be modified. I like Excel because the GPA will be automatically recalculated with each entry.
  • Give your homeschool a name and include it on the transcript.
  • There is no need to include your student’s social security number on a document that could pass through many hands.
  • Credits are usually based on time spent learning the subject. 1 credit = 120-180 hours of study, considered a “Carnegie Unit”. Point 5 (.5) credits are earned for a semester course, or 60 hours of study. For example, let’s consider math: If a student studies math for 1 hour a day, M-F, for 32 weeks, he has put in 160 hours and will document that with 1 credit. You can use a notebook to track these hours, but it is not required and not even one I suggest unless … perhaps your student is studying Government through participation. Then it would be wise to have your student log his activities and events (a short description) along with the dates and approximate time spent.
  • Because high school credits are awarded for time spent studying, don’t include additional credits on your transcript if your student passed a CLEP, DSST, or AP exam. All are credit-by-exam options that earn your student college credit (which can be awarded by demonstrating mastery). Instead, include the word “Honors” in front of your course title and an asterisk behind the course title. At the bottom of your transcript, include wording such as: * Honors course – passed CLEP/DSST exam. I award my student an “A” in the subject if he passed the exam.  If the exam is NOT passed, the credits earned are the same, but the grade assigned reverts back to whatever grade was assigned for the work completed studying the course material.
  • Your student may earn high school credit for courses completed prior to 9th grade if it is high school level. Keep the total credits earned within the standard of 22 – 28.
  • Instead of awarding less than .5 credits, consider combining two or more of your student’s studies into one and use a course title that encompasses both activities. For example, instead of awarding .25 credits for piano lessons and .25 credits for being in a community theater, award .5 credits for Performing Arts.
  • Need help with education-ese course titles? Pull up an online catalog of course offerings from your local public school and read through their offerings. It will give you some ideas.
  • On a rare occasion, a university may not transfer in college credit if the student took the course prior to graduating high school. Keep this in mind when preparing your student’s transcript. If your student took college courses while in high school, only document those credits on his HS transcript that he/she needs to meet the HS requirements you have set.


  • Homeschool Parents can also issue a diploma at graduation. This is a certificate issued by the educational institution (your homeschool) signifying that the student has completed the required course of study. The transcript details what that course of study included.
  • You can purchase one online, or print one of your own using a template or a design you created. Here is a free sample that you can download and edit with your student’s information. Diploma Example PDFWord Doc for Editing.


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