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Credits Before College Workshop

For parents with students in grades 6 – 12. Public, Private, Homeschool. Spouses and Teens invited at no extra charge. Bring your teens and equip them to take ownership of these launching years.

Parents have called this the most informative and useful career and college-prep workshop they have ever attended. The information presented provides a clear strategy for parents to help their students define a career direction and understand affordable college credit options (which can start in junior high!)

Pre-registered guests are guaranteed a comprehensive resource packet. 

  • Date: March 24, 2018 from 1 – 4 pm
  • Location: Calvary Memorial Church | 2420 Dunwoody Ave, Wayzata, MN 55391
  • Cost: Early-bird $25 per family. Add $10 after March 16. Spouses and Teens invited at no extra charge. Online registration open through March 22. Walk-in available.
  • Hosted by: Truth Academy ~ providing a flexible, a la carte, drop-off or stay academic enrichment program.

Make grades 9 – 12 the first 4 years of your college and career plan!

Other Upcoming Events

Contact me about hosting a workshop

Contact me about hosting a workshop

Feb 16-17, 2018 in Grand Forks, ND: NDHSA – Annual Convention

  • Topics: Get a Jump Start on College, Transcripts and Record Keeping, Vocation by Design, Skills Beyond the Book.

Feb 24, 2018 in Grand Rapids, MN: MACHE-Sponsored Homeschool Workshops

  • Details below – Topic: Homeschool High School and Beyond

March 24, 2018 in Wayzata, MN: Credits Before College Workshop (Hosted by Truth Academy)

  • Topic: 3-hour Credits Before College Workshop

April 13-14, 2018 in Rochester, MN: MACHE Annual Convention

  • Topic: Get a Jump Start on College

May 11-12, 2018 in Sioux Falls, SD: SECHE Annual Convention

  • Topic: TBA

June 1-2, 2018 in Lancaster, PA: CHAP Annual Convention

  • Topic: TBA

Contact me about speaking at your location.

Credits Before College Workshop

For parents with students in grades 6 – 12. Public, Private, Homeschool.
Early registration encouraged. Teens and spouses invited at no extra charge.
Pre-registered guests are guaranteed a comprehensive resource packet.

Contact me and ask about bringing this workshop to your location.

Most Popular! Credits Before College Workshop (3-hours)  Parents have called this the most informative and useful career and college-prep workshop they have ever attended. The information presented provides a clear strategy for parents to help their students define a career direction and understand affordable college credit options (which can start in middle school!). Who should attend? Parents and teens 6th grade and up ~ Homeschool, Public, Private.

PART 1: Earn a Debt-Free College Degree
This session will help you learn how to translate your student’s high school studies into college credit for under $100. Credit-by-exam is a widely accepted alternative to earning credit for introductory college courses, and is available to students at any age. Financial Aid, Scholarships, College Costs, PSEO, and the MnTC are other resources you need to know about to develop a completion plan! Gaining a new-found sense of motivation for their current studies, students can save thousands of dollars in college tuition.

PART 2: 7 Steps to Choosing a Career
Choosing a career path is a difficult and sometimes overwhelming decision. Instead of leaving it to chance, be intentional by including career exploration early in your students’ high school years. Students who define their purpose and pathway are more likely to find joy and success in their future goals. This seminar provides parents with the steps and resources needed to be their students’ career coach.

  • Comprehensive Resource Packet for registered attendees
  • For homeschool, public, private and charter students
  • Think outside-of-the-box and learn about options that open up opportunities
  • Learn about credit-by-exam and how your student can earn college credits in middle and high school for under $100
  • Don’t change how you educate, include a target
  • Motivate your 9th grader by adding purpose to his studies
  • Discover a career or college path that fits the student
  • Learn where to find free resources
  • Set a pace that matches your student, it’s not just for the academically gifted
  • Jump start college, saving thousands of dollars

Homeschool Workshops

These workshops are sponsored and coordinated by
MÂCHÉ (MN Association of Christian Home Educators)

Details and Registration: MACHE.org

Cheri Frame founded Credits Before College to positively impact families seeking to avoid college debt. Her own students graduated college debt-free, not from receiving financial aid or scholarships, but from utilizing opportunities available to all students starting when they were in middle school. The information was not easy to gather! Bring your teens and together learn how you can create a plan the offers opportunities beyond the traditional debt that many college students accumulate. 

Recent Events

Credits Before College Workshop ~ in Minneapolis, Elk River, Cambridge, Plymouth, Wayzata MN

High School and Beyond Sponsored by MACHE ~ Mankato, Forest Lake, Moorhead/Fargo, Hibbing

Making College a Smart Investment ~ in Coon Rapids, MN  Hosted by: Anoka Ramsey Community College

Homeschool Annual Conferences ~ Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan

What You Have to Say …

“Thank you for not keeping this to yourself and sharing. I am so excited I could hardly sleep last night. I’ll be sharing what you do with a lot of people. I have already started this morning.” ~ Julie K

“Your workshop this past Monday evening was wonderful! It was the most informative and useful college prep workshop that I have attended. Keep spreading the word! Now the parents of some of my daughter’s public and private school friends are asking questions, so you are making a difference!”  ~ Laurie B

“I attended your workshop along with my 10 year old daughter. It was fantastic! My daughter was very engaged for the whole time. I appreciated your thoroughness, your Biblical worldview, well-chosen facts and statistics, practical suggestions, and your ability to speak to a diverse audience (homeschooler, private schooled student, public school student, parent, professional, etc.). ~ Jessica C

“My husband was not excited about coming, but during the break he told me that he was ‘super excited’!” ~ Susan L

“As a high school sophomore, our daughter attended one of Cheri’s workshops (followed by a private consultation) with us to pave the way to a head start on college planning. Following Cheri’s advice and really applying herself, our daughter earned an AA degree from our local college by the time she graduated from (public) high school. This included CLEP, PSEO, AP classes, and LOTS of hard work. She emphatically agreed upon graduation that it was well worth it. She is now on track to complete her BA from a private college in 2 years, having completed her first semester quite successfully. Planning and hard work pays off! Thanks, Cheri Frame, for your assistance and insight!” ~ Sheri M

“I didn’t know I didn’t have to change the way I homeschool! I can just add 2 weeks of test-prep for the CLEP? You should tell others about this.”  ~ Christie

If you have never been to one of her complete 3 hour workshops, I can’t recommend it highly enough. It was the BEST $ I have ever spent. She is an amazing speaker and speaks not only to the parents, but also to our teenagers. Bring your 7th & 8th graders along for her talk — she is MOTIVATING!””This was the first time I ever heard this information or felt “on fire” with the feeling that maybe we could actually accomplish this much as homeschoolers. She gave me a folder at the seminar with all of the tools to start understanding this process. Every time I’ve had a question since the seminar, she has answered it immediately and completely. (It took me a few times to really understand how this process all works and she has been incredibly patient with me!) She also offers personal consultations to help you make a plan for study & testing for the courses in your child’s field of interest or possible planned study if he/she has a goal. I would recommend this to any homeschooling or public schooling parent. Bring both mom and dad if you can along with your teenager!!! She is an expert guide in navigating the waters of CLEP, PSEO, and the MN Transfer System and shows us clearly what our kids can accomplish and how affordable it can be! Her motto: “Work smarter – not harder”. It is exciting what we can do!” ~ Holly

“We can’t stress enough the value of this workshop for parents and students entering grade 6 to college age. If you have heard Cheri speak before at MACHE, that one-hour workshop is only a GLIMPSE into earning college credits (as early as 7th grade). You truly NEED to hear this complete workshop which includes direction on where start! You may think your student is not ready, not mature enough, or you don’t understand the big picture and it’s all too overwhelming, but this is the first step in the right direction to getting what we consider the best understanding of the educational options available. Make the effort to come and bring your student and spouse – this is not something you can relay to them in 15 minutes – it is essential information that could very well change the course of your student’s educational life (NOT kidding!). Sign up today to guarantee yourself a highly valuable information packet. Feel free to pass this information onto your friends with students of this age – public, private, charter and homeschoolers. Many parents/students have seen this workshop TWICE to truly engage the valuable information.” ~ Maria Matthys, Kellee Metz & Marie Stupeck ~ administrators of a local homeschool co-op Truth Academy

“I went to a Credits Before College seminar and it was hands-down the best information I have ever heard on the topic. Three hours packed with information that the speaker (also a homeschooler) had taken a couple of years to research. I have been recommending it to everyone I know (it is for non-homeschoolers as well, basically anyone whose kid might be going to college). I am a secular homeschooler and the speaker comes from a Christain homeschooling background, but this workshop is very inclusive and provides information that all approaches to homeschooling (and non-homeschoolers) can use. I am usually skeptical of seminars as I find that most can be done in half the time and there is a lot of fluff, but every minute was worth it with this one! I now have a game-plan for both of my kids – even though each is really different from the other. And I walked away with tons of resources to help me. Best $25 I’ve spent in a long time. I also highly recommend bringing your middle school/high school aged children as they should hear it for themselves since it is their education/future. She recommends that teens come so that they are on board. Good luck!” ~ Jess