Test Registration and ID

A little pre-planning is required prior to your student’s first exam to ensure he/she has the appropriate personal identification required on test day and walks in confident of the procedure. Students without proper identification may not be allowed to test. Always check with your testing center if you have questions.

Testing Location: Where can you take a test? Enter your zip code to find out: CLEP Exams | DSST Exams

Scheduling: Though testing is offered year round, each test center sets their own schedule. Some centers require little more than 24 hour notice while others have select days when they proctor the exams. Call a few test centers in your area and determine which best fits your schedule. Consider asking about the testing environment. Some rooms are quiet with only one or two computers while others may have more activity (distraction).

Fee: The exam fee for both CLEP and DSST is $80. Test centers usually charge an additional administration fee of approximately $20. Ask in advance if that can be paid by credit card, cash or check.

CLEP Account: When students arrive on test day, they must present a registration ticket that was generate when registering for a test through My Account. Visit the College Board website for details. Have your student watch this video tutorial. Before your student tests, have them also review this video to become familiar with the CLEP Testing Platform.

Registration for Minors under 13: Updated 6/15/2014: https://clep.collegeboard.org/parents-info Reminder: this is for CLEP only, not DSST.

“The U.S. Federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires website operators to obtain parent/guardian consent before collecting personal information from children under 13 years of age. As a result, if your child is under the age of 13 she/he cannot create an account on My Account. You must download and complete the CLEP Account Creation Consent Form and return it by fax to 610-628-3726 or by U.S. mail to CLEP, PO Box 6600, Princeton, NJ 08541-6600. We are happy to create the account on your child’s behalf. Please note: processing of the form and creation of the test-taker’s account can take up to 7 business days to complete.”

DSST Account: Your student will be assigned a computer at the testing center. When logging in, be consistent in how the information is entered, capital letters matter. If your student registers using his full name, for example, Matthew, one time and Matt the next, he will have two records on file with the scoring institution. These can later be merged, but it is best just to avoid it from happening. Entering a social security number is not required but can make it easier when requesting a transcript (I would suggest using it).

If this is your student’s first DSST, consider setting up his account at home before the test day. It will save you time registering at the testing center. Write down his user name and password and bring with him on test day. ibt1.prometric.com

DSST ID: Prometric requires students to present government-issued identification, which can include: driver’s license, state-issued identification card, passport, or military identification card. The ID must contain both a current photo and signature that exactly matches the name used to register for the exam. Younger students without a driver’s license or passport will need to apply for a State-issued ID. These can be obtained through your local driver’s license bureau. Parents should plan ahead since processing can take several weeks.

Parent Help: Parents can enter the testing center and help younger students get through the administrative portion of signing up for a test. When my student was younger, I would stand over his shoulder as he was entering his information, including his social security number, just to have a second set of eyes reviewing for accuracy. Once the screen indicated the test was about to begin, I would leave and wait out in the lounge the time you take the exam, students can indicate the college he wants his test scores sent to.

Score Report: If your student is not enrolled in a college, do not have the scores sent to any institution. Just leave that question blank. When he enrolls in college, he can request a transcript from the College Board and Prometric that documents all his exams and scores.

Scores are calculated immediately and will display once the test is submitted. Printed score reports for CLEP exams are usually provided to the student as they exit the test center. DSST score reports are available for students to print out themselves 24-hours after testing by logging on Prometric’s website.

Celebrate: Pass or fail, have a lunch plan, or at least a special treat. Your student has set a goal and striven to achieve it. That is worth celebrating. If, in the process, he has earned college credits as well, that is just the icing on the cake!

CLEP General FAQs

Does the registration ticket reserve the seat for the test administration?
No, the registration ticket does not reserve a seat at the test center. It only serves as proof of purchase for the test-taker’s exam. When test-takers register through My Account, they are only selecting their preferred test center. They must still contact the test center to schedule an appointment to reserve a seat for their test.

Can the registration ticket be reprinted?
Yes, the ticket may be reprinted.

Are walk-ins still permitted?
Test-takers must have access to a computer with Internet access to log in to My Account to register, pay their exam fee, and print their registration ticket. If the test center does not have an extra computer, test-takers may be sent to the campus library or computer lab, or outside location. If test-takers can access and show the registration ticket on their smartphone, that is acceptable.

Will refunds be available on registration tickets?
CLEP exams will be refundable up to seven days from the date of purchase, with the exception of redeemed exams.

Emailed answer from the College Board: You may change an existing CLEP exam from one subject to a new exam title. Under “Active Exam Registrations” select the Exam title you would like to change. This will bring you to the exam details page. Next, you would select the Change Exam link. A pop-up notice will appear. CHANGE TITLE NOTICE – To change your existing CLEP exam title to a new exam title, you must first select the new exam title, register for it, and then the College Board will cancel and refund your original exam registration. This notice will inform you of the process for changing an exam title, and you must agree and select Continue, in order to continue with the CLEP Change Exam process. When you successfully complete this process, your original CLEP exam registration fee will be refunded by the College Board. Please allow approximately 24 to 48 hours to receive a refund for the original exam title purchased in error.

If a test-taker registers for the wrong exam, can it be changed?
If a test-taker registers for the wrong exam, he or she must log in to My Account, change the exam title and print an updated registration ticket. You specify on your ticket where you will test at, but you can change to a different testing center without a hiccup.

Do registration tickets expire?
They are good for six months.

If you have question about My Account, contact CLEP Services directly at 800-257-9558 or clep@info.collegeboard.org. Representatives are available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET

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