7 Why’s to CLEP

| October 1, 2015


Reason #1 COST: It is one of the only cost-saving college solutions that YOU have control of. Don’t assume it will all work out. Your grand children’s future depends on it. Financial aid (aka loans) and scholarships are determined by factors outside of your control and the decision to award them comes too late (12th grade). Besides, only about 7% of students actually receive private sector scholarships! Read More.

Reason #2 TIME: Stop the insanity of repeating coursework. There is more to education than studying the same topic in middle school, high school, and as a college freshman. Study it once, study it well, and move on! Make time in your schedule for internships, travel, a double major! It’s time to stop going in circles.

Reason #3 COLLEGE COMPLETION: Help your student gain a completion vs. admission perspective. Check out these stats for your local university and see how many students actually graduate. Read More.

Reason #4 GRIT: Students who are challenged to exceed our lackluster expectations of mediocrity will become our next leaders. Don’t hold your student back because that’s how you did school. Read More.

Reason #5 PURPOSE: CLEPing kickstarts the conversation. Students want to know 1)What is my purpose? 2)What is True? 3)What difference do I make? A CLEPer has a perspective to achieve toward a goal. Read More.

Reason #6 WORLDVIEW: Before your student enrolls in social science general education courses, ask the professor for a syllabus. Review the reading list, text, and assignments. Engaging and scholarly? Or taught toward an agenda? CLEP exams allow students to demonstrate college-level knowledge yet learn from resources that respect their worldview and character. Read More.

Reason #7 COLLEGE-READINESS: One in three high school graduates are required to take remedial college courses. Defeated before beginning! Help your student identify and build the skills necessary to be college-ready before they pay college tuition prices. CLEP exams are a great indicator of your student’s ability! Read More.


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