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Dear Event Coordinators,

I enjoy speaking to a variety of groups. Invitations to speak at your next parent event, homeschool convention, or church are welcome. I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with each group and look forward to helping you meet the needs of your audience.  ~ Cheri Frame

Bio: Cheri enjoys working as an educational consultant to share resources, equip parents, and encourage students to graduate with a vision for their future. As a veteran homeschool parent, she founded Credits Before College where she specializes in the areas of high school planning, career exploration and maximizing affordable college opportunities through credit-by-exam and dual enrollment. Cheri is also a dynamic workshop presenter, author, and Certified Career Direct® Consultant. She provides one-on-one consulting services and shares a wealth of information on her website CreditsBeforeCollege.com.

Cheri and her husband Tim, a high school math teacher, live in Ramsey, Minnesota. Besides home educating their three children from kindergarten through high school, Cheri taught courses at local homeschool co-ops and worked as an administrator of the Peabody Academic Achievement Test. Her current work is a result of the lessons she learned while serving as a family on a one-year missions experience at a K-12 missionary school in Indonesia. Her heart is to strengthen families and encourage students to pursue Him and the calling He has placed on their life.

All seminars are for parents/educators with students in middle and high school.
Time: 45-90 minutes depending on venue.

Cheri Frame is a joy to work with! Her workshops offer practical and valuable information and our attendees always request to have her back.”  ~Karol Kapelle, NDHSA Convention Coordinator

You Can Homeschool through High School! 
Homeschooling through high school might seem intimidating, but be encouraged! These can be the most enjoyable and influential years you have with your teens. This seminar will help you develop a comprehensive 7-12th grade plan, starting with a strong academic foundation that includes what subjects to teach and when. You will also learn how to individualize your students’ education based on their post-graduation goals, and ideas to include outside of academics that keep your student engaged. Parents and students alike will gain understanding and confidence as they see the big picture unfold. Teens are invited!

Earn College Credits in High School with CLEP 
Studying US History? How about Algebra? This workshop will help you learn how to translate your student’s high school studies into college credit for under $100 per course. Credit-by-exam is a widely accepted alternative to earning credit for introductory college courses, and is available to students at any age. Gaining a new-found sense of motivation for their current studies, students can save thousands of dollars in college tuition. Teens are invited!

Transcripts and Record Keeping – Making it Simple
Transcripts are not just for college – every student needs one. How to begin? What to include? This practical seminar will instruct you on the 5 types of records you should keep, and guide you through the essentials of record keeping, grading, evaluating credits, and preparing a professional looking high school transcript. Teens are invited!

7 Steps to Choosing a Career
Choosing a vocational direction is a difficult and sometimes overwhelming decision. Instead of leaving it to chance, be intentional about by including career exploration early in your students’ high school years. Students who define a purpose and pathway are more likely to find joy and success in creating a vision for their future. This seminar equips parents with the steps and resources needed to be their students’ career coach. Teens are invited!

Skills, Not Just Grades
In today’s competitive market, employers and selection committees are looking for more than relevant education and training in a candidate. Whether your teens are applying for their first job, hoping to secure an internship, or launching their careers, developing marketplace skills will help them stand out in the crowd. This popular seminar outlines a set of valued skills and shares ideas for how parents can foster their development through targeted projects and assignments in their students’ middle and high school studies. Teens are invited!

PSEO in Minnesota
Two years of free college! Understanding Minnesota’s PSEO options will help you make the best choice for your student. Topics include: On-campus and online options, which classes to focus on, how to prepare your student, requirements to participate, how to apply, what you need to know about transfers, and what decisions you should make in 9th and 10th grade. Teens are invited!

New!  ROADMAP: A Career Discovery Workshop

In partnership with churches and groups, this 2-part seminar is for high school students and their parents.

Scheduling now for summer/fall 2017   Roadmap – Flyer

Session 1: Vocation from God’s Perspective. An engaging and interactive presentation emphasizing the Biblical perspective of vocation, career pathways, and debt-free college solutions. Open to all.

Career Direct® Assessment Ages 16+ (2-4 week window). Students complete a one-hour individual online Career Direct® Assessment. Career Direct, part of Crown Financial Ministries, is one of the few assessment tools that approaches the field of career guidance from a biblical perspective. Career Direct examines four essential components of career selection: personality, interests, skills, and values and is one of the most comprehensive guidance systems on the market today. The Education Report is for students. Learn more about Career Direct.

Session 2: Understanding your Design. Just for students who took the Career Direct Assessment and their parents. Return and we will unpack your 30+page personalized report.

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What the Audience Thinks

Really wished Cheri would have been at NICHE years ago. She really knows how to take a difficult topic and break it down into bite-sized, practical pieces. Her talk on Transcripts and career/college help were the best I’ve ever heard in over 15 years of attending homeschool conferences!

She is awesome. Please invite her in the future.

Very organized in her presentation and easy to follow.

She was awesome! Great information, nice presentation style, good Q&A. I went to all four of her presentations. Wonderful advice for me and my  daughter who is just beginning high school. Bring her back, please!

Loved her! She was very knowledgeable and a great communicator.

After her seminars, we feel much more equipped to help our son with his last year of high school and his college search.

Her workshops got me excited.

Very good, relevant sessions. Her sessions helped greatly in directing my/our thoughts to planning out jr. high and high school. Excellent communicator.

I did not actually have a chance to sit in on a session but Cheri was very welcoming and encouraging visiting with her at her booth. No sales pitch just her sharing what she had learned! A+

So informational and organized. A nice surprise since this workshop was not high on my priority list. After hearing her once, I enthusiastically went to another!