World Religions

The study of World Religions offers an important teaching moment during a teens formative years. This Course Guide provides an easy-to-understand look at the history and tenets of the world’s major religions, explored through the lens of the Bible. It will equip your student in a way that will strengthen their Christian faith.

This course is ideal for both the individual student and small group. It is a very popular homeschool co-op study for both middle and high school students.

World Religions Course Guide plus DSST prep

This 100+ page  Course-for-Credit Guide is specifically designed to prepare students to earn college credit while engaging them in an age-appropriate study of today’s major world religions. This study can be completed in one-semester and is an excellent course for students in 7th grade and up. Parent involvement is encouraged with minimal preparation time required. Both authors have enjoyed teaching this course to several 7-12th grade groups, culminating with students passing the Introduction to World Religions DSST exam. Why a World Religions Course Guide? While this subject can be studied in college, it truly is a great study for all students to engage in before launching. The difficulty is the lack of interesting and age-appropriate study material. We decided to solve that. We hope you enjoy learning with your students! Sample Chapter


  • One Semester (12-16 weeks) plus DSST® exam prep
  • For Grades 7-12
  • Designed to prepare students to earn both high school and college credit
  • Written from a Biblical Worldview
  • Written to the student requiring minimal parent/educator prep time
  • Review questions included, specifically designed to help students prepare for the DSST® exam
  • Suggested companion text is very affordable The Kingfisher Book of Religions ISBN 978-0753451991
  • Links to interesting and relevant online videos to enhance learning and appeal to visual and audio learners
  • Quality print and spiral bound

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