Credits Before College

Earning college credit in high school offers students the opportunity to save thousands of dollars on college tuition, stretch their academic muscles to be college-ready, and avoid repeating introductory material that they have already studied.

As a parent of three, I was eager to find a way to help my students graduate without debt. The result of this effort has led to this website, workshops, and my book, which have helped countless parents and students understand their debt-free options. Student loans and wishful thinking are not the answer. Credit-by-exam, dual enrollment, career advising, and vocational skills are! This does require a bit of planning, so don’t wait. Maximizing your students’ high school years can help them graduate with purpose. I invite you to investigate the information offered here, attend a workshop, and pick up my book. You will be equipped and encouraged! ~ Cheri

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Learning about your options may change the way you educate your students before their college years. These resources and programs are not just for the academically gifted or those with financial need, but are options available to all students of any age. Some decisions invite opportunity and earning a college degree definitely opens doors. Other decisions, like incurring debt to earn that degree, sets students on a path that can take years to recover from. Start planning in middle school to create a vision and purpose for your students’ education and see them get excited about the possibilities.

Did you know that there is a significant amount of overlap between high school courses and introductory-level college courses? Your students can be more efficient with their time by earning college credits while in high school and avoid repeating these same courses in college.

  • Gain a clear vision for your students’ affordable educational options
  • Help your students discover their post-high school options from career to college, or gap year, or …
  • Learn how to earn credit-by-exam in high school
  • Understand the college credit transfer process to minimize lost credits
  • Reduce or eliminate college debt ~ students are earning their 4-year degree for less than $10,000
  • Reduce the time it takes to complete a degree; have time to complete an internship or travel

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