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| January 22, 2018

My hope is that this post is an inspiration and encouragement for you and your students. Even more than that, I want it to be a challenge to you to think outside of the box. 

Some parents schedule personal consultations with me when their students are 6 months from graduating high school, while others attend a Credits Before College Workshop when their student is in 4th grade. No matter where you are on the timeline of K-12, there is something here for you. Make it your 2018 goal to check off one or two items on this list and take up the challenge look at education in a new way.

Reflect. Reflect on 2017 and be intentional about 2018. If you need a FREE tool to help you reflect on last year, and dream about 2018, check out YearCompass. I would encourage you to print enough copies and make it a family affair.

Read. Earning a college degree provides students with opportunities they might not otherwise have. But the doors that open can easily be closed if a student quits before finishing, or accumulates unsustainable debt along the way. The truth is, a 4-year degree is just not the right fit for every student. Some should join their family business, others may choose training through the military, expand their world and ideas through travel, or attend a vocational school to specialize in a trade. Every parent should read College (UN)Bound by Jeffrey Selingo.

CLEP. If you have not attended a Credits Before College Workshop, join me on March 24 in Wayzata MN. It will be the best 3-hours you’ve spent on a college-prep workshop. If that is not local to you, I will be presenting at several state homeschool conventions including North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Check my website for details or order my book, Credits Before College.

Skills. Choose something and ask your student to invest time each week into it. At some point, they may tire of it. That’s expected. Help them find the next thing to invest time in. Initiative, grit, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and team work are skills that are strengthened by putting in the hours! Read this post for more ideas of what to invest in.

Plan. Finding out about CLEP when my kids were middle school-age changed the way we approached education. First, it provided an incentive to study a subject once, study it well, and move on! No longer were subjects repeated. Instead, they were taught in a sequence allowing them to maximize their learning ability and accelerate their college degree, saving them both time and money. If your student is in grades 6 – 10, Create a plan.

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