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| May 13, 2017

Check out these resources. Maybe there is one here you didn’t know about.

CLEP is accepted at over 2,900 colleges and there are growing opportunities making it easy to include CLEP-prep in your student’s studies. Once you find a resource you like, watch out! Your student might set sail! Of course, I recommend signing up for this newsletter and my Facebook page. That is where I post important, immediate, and just fun need to know items. A new non-profit that wants to help students complete their Freshmen college year for free. Free, self-paced, online courses that include CLEP and AP prep. BONUS: They have partnered with a few high schools and colleges (I am in that group) in an effort to get the word out, and will pay for your CLEP exam after taking one of their courses. Details are posted on my FB page.

CollegeBoard: The company behind CLEP.

Prometric: The company behind DSST.

Practice Exams: Taking two or more practice exams from a reputable source is essential to preparing for an official exam. My website contains a comprehensive list of the best. Low-cost, online self-paced general education courses that are guaranteed to transfer to schools in their network of 100+ partner colleges. StraighterLine participates in the Alternative Credit Project. An initiative through ACE (American Council on Education) to encourage innovation in education that supports affordable college credit alternatives. Flashcards/practice questions that are written to teach rather than simply review. Sign up and have access to cards for all exams $20/month. Enter Code 85513 for $5 discount Another flashcard-based study system affiliated with Lumerit (formerly CollegePlus). Affiliated with – great discussions about specific exams. Free, student generated flashcards (or generate your own).

Yahoo group: A parent discussion group for all things CLEP. Short videos (cartoony) lessons, flashcards, quizzes. Some videos have a liberal slant. Monthly fee, but check the files of the ClepforHomeschool Yahoo group for coupon code. Select colleges direct students to this site to see how CLEP/DSST exams will transfer in to that school. This is the go-to for Minnesota State schools.

Credits Before College Resources

Schedule a Workshop!

What I most enjoy doing is speaking to parents and students. Workshops are most often scheduled from invitations by a parent who attended a workshop and now wants to share the information in her church or co-op. Details. I am looking for 3 host locations for this fall.

Career Assessment Now Available to Churches

One of the very best tools parents have to help their student bridge high school to career is the Career Direct Assessment from Crown Financial Ministries. I’ve been helping students develop their pathway for 10 years. Toward this goal, I became a Certified Career Direct Consultant to also provide this assessment. If your church would like to host a 2-part seminar about College and Career pathways, check here.

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